Five Important Life Lesson My Puppy Is Teaching Me

Pets are awesome but the process of training them to be awesome, well, that can be a challenge. It doesn't happen overnight. We recently rescued an amazing pup to add to our zoo of one bird, one dog and two cats.  Suddenly, we are looking through the world of this 2-3 month old AND teaching her to view the world through our eyes!  So much to see and smell and learn!

Of course we’ve had the potty accidents but she has come along quickly.  Leaning a schedule and to obey commands and get along, well that is a process.  Learning what bed time is reminds me of the days when my kids were babies…and that got me thinking, with all the lessons I am teaching…what am I learning?

  1. Be Patient with Change

It takes 30 days to form a new habit, right?  It takes time for a plant to grow, right?  Babies don’t walk overnight and puppies and kittens don’t open there eyes right away.  Change takes time.  If it takes time for a puppy, how much more for a person?  Having been in ministry for nearly 30 years, I have watched people change.  Being with folks in AA and NA, there are times we stumble and fall, but be patient.  People need time to get back up and change.

  1. Pay Attention to the One in Front of me.

I can’t walk away from this little one or jump over to work, or even a quick post to Instagram. If puppy is out and about, she has to have my attention or she is going to get in trouble.  But did I really need puppy to remind me that people are the same way?   If I am in a conversation with someone, I need to be all there.  If it is my wife, my kid, a church member, a friend, a stranger, a client - pay attention to the one in front of me.

  1. Everything can be fun, but doesn’t mean its ok

Wow! Who knew all the ways an animal come up with to have fun?!?! I have a “dead” Ewok and now I have to protect the carpet! Who knew digging and chewing carpet could provide entertainment?! That doesn’t mean it is ok.  Binge watching Netflix can be fun (or a Star Wars marathon) but that doesn’t mean it is the best or even good for us.  There are many vices or sins that maybe fun, but lets not kid ourselves that they are ok.

  1. Food is ok but don’t eat it all.

Ok, so yeah, gluttony is one of the sevent deadly sins too and I am pulling it from the previous point. But treats and rewards are important!  But lets keep them in moderation!  When we first brought puppy home, it was easy to see she had learn to fight and  struggle for every bite.  We had to moderate her eating.  Food is great but don’t have  eyes bigger than your stomach!

  1. Being still and chill is good.

Like a 2 year old fighting bedtime, our puppy fights naps too!  I forgot they’ll do this.  They just swear they are missing out.  But thankfully, she has an older brother to watch who relaxes, lays down and chills our a lot.  She is learning to do the same.  And we need to do it too.  In my free ebook, 5 Benefits of a Morning Ritual, I touch on this subject a little.  Be still and chill.

I have no doubt there will be more lessons to come.  There is so much life has to teach us.  Every pet we own is unique and if that is so, how much more unique are each and every one of US!? We have no idea what someone is going through. We don’t know their mental and emotinal personalities.  We can’t possibly know all the potential they have either.  So it seems that we ought to be giving a lot more: “YES!”  “WAY TO GO!” “I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!” to folks when we catch them doing what is right.  I’m not sure head rubs and chin scratches are in order but a hug and high-five could do wonders!

Take the lessons and go enhance your life, your home, and the world!


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