Five Questions to Guide Your Dreaming to Reality in the New Year

 At the opening of the movie Pretty Woman, there comes a simply and endearing set of lines that also will bring the movie to a close, “What's your dream? Everybody comes here; this is Hollywood, land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don't; but keep on dreamin' - this is Hollywood. Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin'.”

I was an assistant manager of the Buccanneer Movie Theater in Greenville, NC when this sleeper, sensation of a movie came out.  I heard the lines for weeks on end and I never got tired of hearing it.  “What’s your dream?”  Hollywood has lost much of its magic but the question still is there - WHAT IS YOUR DREAM???

As a pastor for nearly 30 years, this idea rarely comes up in sermon preparation yet, dreams are a major part of the Biblical story.  Jacob’s famous ladder.  King Nebuchadnezzar, and of course, the dream of Joseph to flee to Egypt with Mary and the Christ child are just a few.  

But what of our dreams?  Where do they fit?  With the New Year, I think you and I should be asking that question.  I did last year and it began to reform how I looked at life and what direction my life would take.  When I wrote “Life Sucks Seek God,” after my first wife, Heather’s death, I didn’t know what the future would hold.  I didn’t have a dream any more.  Cancer and her death had “sucked” the dreams away.  

Now, thanks to Rebound Coaching and Ron Geisler’s guidance, I am looking at 2023, not with merely new resolutions but new dreams - new goals - a new vision.  What came out of our weeks of reading, reflection and coaching was three things.

  1. I want to be a kick-a$$ husband (and dad).  I have work to do.  I am a husband again, and along with my two kids, I have two new kids (and have “adopted” a few too). Yes, they are adults but they need to see how I live and love and care for Lauren.  

  2. Stay in love with Jesus.  This is the foundation of everything.  This matters so much more than anything else and for me to be the best at anything, I have to keep following Jesus at the front and center.  This hasn’t been easy so getting this right is key to all dreams.

  3. Helping people enhance life and enhance home.  This is getting back to the “brass tacks” of the matter - what can offer.  I can’t be all things to all people like Paul but I can offer a lot more with my own take on things. The Way for me is going to fit for some and not others.  I am ok with that.

This ain’t Hollywood, this is real life and everybody has a dream but that dream is something you have to do more than just WISH for, you have to WORK for it!  Every dream God gave, fit the person God gave it too.  God has given you gifts to go with the dream. 

Here are five questions to guide you this week ahead of New Year’s, take some time with them and answer them for yourself:

Who do you want to become?  

What do you need to do - change - learn to get there?

When will you start and when will you know you get there?

Where will you be when you get there - success will look like _________?

How will you achieve what you want?

It is true: “Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin'.”  But this ain’t Hollywood.  Make the dream happen.

Enhancing Life. Enhancing Home.


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