Coming this September: Prayer Simply Breathe

Prayer: Simply Breathe is launching and going to print this September!  For years, I have been publishing breath prayers on Instagram and Facebook and here on my page.  In these pages I offer a journey through 52 breath prayers, the history of the spiritual practice of breath prayers, and a guide for you to create your own breath prayers.

About Prayer: Simply Breathe, the Rev. Dr. Warren Lathem writes, "The Discipline of the Breath Prayer is an easy discipline. Often we think of Discipline as an onerous, grit and gumption effort. However, here it is simply forming a habit which is freeing and life giving."

Taking up the habit of praying breath prayers changed my relationship with God ad how we communicated and lived together.  The pattern comes right from the Bible and Jesus' own teaching.  Follow me on Facebook and sign up for my email list to learn more and join the Launch Team!  

Simply Breathe and start a fresh journey with Jesus!


Robin V said...

Put me on your email list!

Ken Hagler, Your Alaskan Realtor said...

Will do! Thank you for joining the journey!

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