Get Ready for Spring…Alaska Style! 4 Simple Tips to Get Ahead of Breakup

I know the snow is still on the ground but spring is here and break-up is not far behind! Its a time for renewal, and what better way to welcome this vibrant season than by getting your home ready to bloom along with nature?

Declutter with Gusto: Bid farewell to winter gloom by decluttering your space with the enthusiasm of a squirrel gathering nuts for the season. Embrace the KonMari method or simply channel your inner Marie Kondo by joyfully tidying up. From clearing out your closets to organizing kitchen cabinets, decluttering will not only make your space lighter but also renew your sense of joy and freshness. Ask of every item: Does this bring me joy? No? Be gone!

Bring in the Green: As nature comes alive, why not let the inside of your home mirror its radiance? Spruce up your space with vibrant greenery and fresh blooms, injecting life and color into every nook and cranny. Whether it's a collection of succulents adorning your windowsills or a lively bouquet of flowers gracing your dining table, incorporating nature will breathe new energy into your home.

Let the Light In (and Keep the Cold Out):  In Alaska, sunlight is a precious commodity. Make sure to harness every bit of that natural light by giving your windows a good wipe-down (keep the cleaner ready to take outside when the time comes.) Swap those heavy winter curtains for lighter fabrics that let in the sunshine while still keeping the chill at bay. 

Prep Your Outdoor Oases:  As the snow melts, start digging out your patio furniture if you can and take stock of winter’s toll. Get the propane fire pit fired up or your tower heaters. And remember, a hot cup of cocoa or a steaming mug of coffee in your hand can turn even the chilliest Alaskan spring evening into a magical moment.

So there you have it, folks! It's time to shake off the winter frost and jump into the welcoming embrace of spring, Alaska-style. Embrace the thaw, bask in the daylight, and get your outdoor spaces ready for some serious Alaskan adventures. Let's make this spring a season to remember!  

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