Go Get the Day and Make it Golden: Building Success with a Heart of Gold

The alarm blares, tearing you from dreams of sun-drenched beaches. Life sucks, and the day stretches before you, a blank canvas demanding strokes of action. Do you stare, paralyzed by the list to do? Or do you leap after the opportunities, Lego bricks in hand, ready to build something fantastic?

"Go get the day," whispers a voice within. It's not just a call to action; it's my battle cry, a manifesto of self-determination. It has been igniting the furnace of my will the past few months, urging me to chase goals with relentless effort. Tasks once daunting in what I have called the "valley of suck" have slowly morphed into stepping stones, challenges have become exhilarating climbs, and d eadlines merely checkpoints, bricks, building one at a time, a life worth living and remembering. 

But ambition alone is a brittle flame (think of the Surivivor Fire Challenge), flickering quickly in the wind of adversity. To truly make your day golden, you need more than just drive. You need a rudder, a guiding principle that steers you towards not just success, but significance. That's where the second half of the mantra kicks in: "Make it Golden."

It's a call to infuse your pursuits with the golden rule – treat others as you wish to be treated (I just wrote about this). In the whirlwind of "getting the day," it's easy to get tunnel vision, to see people as obstacles or tools. But remember, every interaction is a chance to paint a stroke of gold onto the world.

Start with empathy. Listen with your heart, not just your ears. Acknowledge struggles, celebrate triumphs, and extend a helping hand where needed. Every kind word, every act of compassion, leaves a golden glimmer in its wake, illuminating not just the recipient's day, but also your own.

Integrity becomes your compass. Stand tall for what you believe in, even when the path gets rough. Don't take shortcuts, don't succumb to whispers of deceit. Remember, true success is built on a foundation of trust, and trust is the purest gold you can offer.

Gratitude transforms the day with golden light. Acknowledge the gifts, big and small, that grace your life. A supportive family, a loyal friend, a quiet moment of peace – they're all threads of a life worth living. Be thankful for them, nurture them, and watch how they radiate happiness and strength.

"Go get the day and make it golden" is more than just a catchy phrase for me; it's a recipe for a life well-lived. It's the pursuit of your dreams fueled by the fire of ambition, tempered by the golden rule's gentle heat. It's about chasing success with a heart full of compassion, integrity, and gratitude.  It's how I am defining the second half-of-life, what I call my “second novel.” It is how I face the plodding pace of "the valley of suck."

So, step into the day, eyes filled with determination. Let your actions be strokes of purpose, your interactions defined by kindness. Remember, success isn't just about reaching the top; it's about the golden trail you leave behind and those you help up as you are getting there.. It's about building a masterpiece that transcends mere accomplishment, a masterpiece that whispers, "This is how I lived. This is how I loved. This is how I made my day, and the world around me, truly golden."

Now GO, go get this day and make it GOLDEN!!


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