Enhance Life. Enhance Soul. Enhance Home. A New Journey.

Writing has taken a back seat in my life since I wrote “Prayer Simply Breathe.”  Turning 50 hit different and I had some real questions that I began to ask myself.  I began reflecting on my life and really pushing myself to think and ask - what do I want in the second novel of my life?  With the guidance of a coach, I narrowed it down to being a kick-a$$ husband (and dad/son), I want to stay in love with Jesus, and I want to help people enhance life, enhance soul, and enhance home.

These are not minor shifts and the road isn’t clear but I wrote in “Life Sucks Seek God,” the challenge: “Don't be a politician. Be a human who can admit he changed his mind."  I think I should expand on that - “Be a human being who can change.”  This is why I have always appreciated my faith heritage and the message of grace that John Wesley was so passionate about - people can change.  As a pastor, I have walked with many people through times of change and isn't that part of the Gospel message of Jesus? We can become the people God created us to be?

I bet you are a bit like me, and you want to be able to make some changes? I have been Jedi Pastor Ken for a long time but that isn’t all of me and in this next novel of life, this won’t go away but I need space to be Ken and to run to these three areas: Life - Soul - Home.

Enhance Life.

There is much in self-help that points us to health above other things.  I love life and as one who has faced death and walked the abyss and slogged through the valley of suck as a caregiver and only parent after my wife’s death, I still believe life is worth living.  I am still an optimist (though more realist).  Helping people see the better way and offering guidance is something I am passionate about.  People connecting to people and finding ways to know joy is what enhancing life is all about.

Enhance Soul.

I’ve been in full-time ministry for almost 30 years and a follower of Jesus even longer. Diplomas are on my wall and I have become a spiritual director as well.  I have written books and preached sermons and led studies on the spiritual journey.  Part of my vacation time often includes time to care for my soul. Enhancing soul is at the root of my life.  I can’t make anyone seek God but I can certainly share the journey and help others longing to renew and enhance soul.

Enhance Home.
One thing I have loved is building.  From Legos to shelves to homes, it is something in my DNA.  My grandfather was incredibly innovative in building and repairing; my dad as well.  In my house, is a dresser hand-made by my great-grandfather as well.  As we have renovated and planned for our life in Alaska, our home is central to for us.  I have a conviction that Maslow was right and that having a safe place to call home is a true need and I want to not only help people find or create that home but I want to help people enhance the home for family.

The good news is you too, can make a change.  If I can make a change if I can redirect if I can grow, will you?  Pick one area - change something you have been wanting to change.  Don’t do a lot - just one thing.

“Do or do not, there is no try,” is what Master Yoda said to Luke.  I hate that quote some days but it hits well - trying is a lukewarm thing - it is a “sample” or “fun size” but do is to go all in. 

Go all in.  This is the way I have learned to best enhance life, enhance soul, and enhance home. 

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