My 5 Morning Rituals

I wrote about the benefits of a morning ritual and even have a give away that goes in depth called The 5 Benefits of Morning Rituals (Really creative, I know).  But what do I do?  Sure the benefits are proven but what can you actually do that changes things?

I’ll start with what I work hard to avoid: Email and Social Media.  I have made it a real conscious effort for my RITUAL to REPLACE these things.  They really jump ahead of improving you and that is NOT what you need so here is what I have been doing for about a month now….

1.  Get up with my alarm and listen to the Our Daily Bread app.  I get up when my alarm says to and the first thing I do is open this app and hit play for the daily devotion.  Sometimes I even play it twice because the first time, I’m not quite awake but I start with putting God first.  (And so you know, I usually shoot for getting up at 5:30am)

2.  Drink a glass of water.  I’ve read a lot of articles about the importance of water and my health plan has a reminder to start with a glass of water.  Water is like oil, it kind of greases the wheels and as we get older, I know it helps even more so I do it.

3. Look at the day.  I am not so great with this BUT before looking at Social Media and Email, I open up my day planner and write down my goal to walk 7000 steps and read 1 Chapter in a book (or listen). 

4. 7 Good Minutes.  I used to listen to news radio but started tuning into Clyde Lee Dennis’ “7 Good Minutes” podcast.  This is my must go to - listen as I get the day going.  

5. Walk.  Not that I always do this but I sure feel better when I take a 20 minute walk to start the day.  It gets me moving and mentally, it makes me believe I’m going to get my steps in before the day is done.

I also recommend Hal Elrod's book "Miracle Morning" for some great inspiration. While my rituals have changed throught the years, they have ALWAYS kept me on track. These have truly helped me enhance my life.  Now go and enhance YOUR LIFE with good rituals!

May I Ask?  What is your ritual?  What would help you? What is keeping you from getting started? How can I help?

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Anonymous said...

Been looking for a quick, new devotional for the morning! Our Daily Bread-of course! Thanks, Ken.

Ken Hagler, Your Alaskan Realtor said...

You are most welcome! It and The Upper Room have been my go to devotionals since I was in High School. I love the APP option on ODB the best though!

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